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Meet our Blessed little Sister athlete, LIZA!

Team Blessed Bodies’ brand new athlete sponsorship program, Blessed Little Sisters, recently announced their first little sister! Blessed Little Sisters was founded by Coach Fatima Leite Kusch, to provide supports to teen female athletes who are struggling with costs involved with their activities.
Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it to the Olympics? Meet Liza! Liza is a champion synchronized swimmer aiming to represent Canada at the 2016 Olympics! Meanwhile, she has some serious goals, and some serious expenses that are adding stress to her and her family. Trust us when we say that over $20,000 per year in coaching and training fees is only ONE part of the financial commitment at this level. Team Blessed Bodies members will be using their creativity to raise funds for Liza, so follow our blog for updates on fundraising efforts for this cause. Our first initiative is starting this month.
We decided to sit down with Liza and get to know more about our new addition to the Blessed Bodies sisterhood. She is a confident little devil and she’s bursting energy and drive. She’s one of the most determined athletes we’ve met, and she’s only 17 years old! The most touching part about meeting her was her enthusiasm when she realized she just made a pile of new friends (located all over the world) and we’re here to help her see her dreams through. Here’s what Liza had to say…

FP: What is your favourite meal.
L: Spaghetti and meatballs.

FP: What time do you get up in the morning? What time do you go to bed?
L: I wake up at 6am and go to bed at 11pm.

FP: What is your schedule like in a typical weekday?
L: I go to school in the morning until 1pm and then I go to practice that starts at 3pm and ends at 9pm.
(Did you all catch that? 6-hour DAILY training schedule!)

FP: Where are you from and how long have you been in Canada?
L: I’m from Ukraine and I have been in Canada for 4 years.

FP:How often do you train?
L: I train 6 days per week.

FP:What is your dream job?
L: I don’t have one yet but I want to be a doctor.

FP:Describe your ultimate goal you want to achieve in your sport:
L: My goal is to make the national team and compete at the Olympics in 2016. Hey, nothing is impossible!

FP: What do you want to be doing in 5 years?
L: In 5 years from now I will be training for 2020 Olympics and going to medical school.

FP: What is your favourite subject in school?
L: Math and Biology.

FP: Do you have any pets? What are they? What are their names?
L: I have a cat and her name is Marusya.

FP: What keeps you going on days that are long and tiring?
L: On my bad days I think of where I want to be and how badly I want to reach my goal and this keeps my motivation up.

FP: Do you have a special diet?
L: Lots of carbohydrates and proteins and tons of water.

FP: What excites you most about joining the Team Blessed Bodies sisterhood?
L: To work with other women who are motivated and dedicated to reaching their goals also Im very excited becoming popular and having a lot of new friends =)

FP: What will it mean to you, to have friends helping you with your sports costs?
L: To have a group of people to help me will mean so much. Feeling supportive and encouraged, I think will not only boost my confidence but it will also make me happier. The best athletes surround themselves with a many supports as possible.

FP: What advice would you give to a young athlete who is considering training for Olympics?
L: Its important to love what you do.You can accomplish what you want in life if you are willing to work hard for it. Never quit, whether in school, work or in sport because there is no substitution for hard work. Set goals and follow your passions!

FP: What is your definition of success?
L: When I think of success I think about Natalia Ischenko. She is a 4-time Olympian. Her grace and technical precision are perfect. I strive for this every day in my sport.

FP: How many medals do you have?
L: 20

FP: What made you get into swimming?
L: I was in rhythmic gymnastics and then my mom introduced me to synchronized swimming.

FP: How would you feel if you made it to the Olympics?
L: I would cry from happiness and I would be very excited to represent Canada at the Olympic Games.

FP: What would you do if you won a million dollars?
L: I would give it to my parents as a thank you gift for everything they have sacrificed for me.

FP: What types of training is involved with your sport?
L: Weight training, speed swimming and flexibility.

FP: Who is your hero? Why?
L: Natalia Ischenko. She is the best synchronized swimmer in the world she is a very beautiful swimmer.

FP: Who helps you most in your sport?
L: My parents and my coach.

FP: What was the last movie you saw?
L: Hunger Games

Photo Credit: Alan Hay Photography


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Helped me yesterday, hopefully it helps you today. :-*

So very true it all starts in the mind


Helped me yesterday, hopefully it helps you today. :-*

So very true it all starts in the mind

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If this isn’t motivation I dunno what is @fitnessjewell your so amazing!!! #motivation #inspiration #amazing #wbff

#fitnessinspiration #motivation


If this isn’t motivation I dunno what is @fitnessjewell your so amazing!!! #motivation #inspiration #amazing #wbff

#fitnessinspiration #motivation

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VA fit: Extablish & Evaluate


When creating goals many people have the aspiration of doing something great, but are not willing to adapt the “whatever it takes” mindset towards achieving it. Working in the fitness industry I especially with people either looking to lose weight or to compete. Sure, the end product sounds great…

#goodadvice #fitfemale

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